Meaningful Classroom Messaging

BRIEFR Messaging App


Encourages teamwork and self-expression

BRIEFR Messaging app encourages students to work together and express themselves. It also makes the giving of feedback easier. Both teacher and students can take screenshots and photos of the classroom tasks or homework and instantly send them to classroom big screen, to teacher’s iPad, or to each others’ devices. Texts are used for questions and answers. The messages can be sent also from outside the classroom, and to other classrooms or specialist teachers working in other schools. This opens new opportunities for inter-class and inter-school co-operation. Read more details below…

The BRIEFR Wall gives each student over 100 meters of classroom wall!

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BRIEFR encourages co-operation

BRIEFR encourages co-operation

Students learn to understand and value each other’s unique skills and knowledge when they work together and share their knowledge openly to each other. They also learn that getting feedback on their thoughts can accelerate their learning.

BRIEFR enables fast feedback loop for students. While doing a classroom task or homework the students can capture screenshots or photos of the task and instantly send them to the classroom big screen or teacher’s device together with questions. As a teacher, you can browse them all together or focus on one student’s material at a time.

Even when students are outside the classroom, they can send messages to Apple TV classroom wall anytime. This way they can collect material also from home, the places they visit and from events they attend: Anytime they see something outside the classroom that is worth sharing in their class. As a teacher you can give student tasks like: “Before our class tomorrow, find five different stones and send photos of them to classroom wall.”



BRIEFR is safe

BRIEFR is safe

You can use BRIEFR with school-owned devices and with personal devices according to your school policy.

You only need a working email address to take the app into use, we do not collect phone numbers. A message is delivered only to the recipient device. Received photos and screenshots can be saved automatically to recipient device to enable further processing with any app you like (you can turn off this setting). A message is erased from our server if it has not been delivered in 48 hours. After delivery it is automatically erased from server. There are no groups because in classroom everyone sees the messages directly on big screen or on iPad or iPhone screen. Any message can be easily deleted from the feed in case of unsuitable content.

To enable your students to send messages to your Apple TV at classroom, create a specific email address, like and start BRIEFR app with it. Then tell this address to the students and they can immediately start sending messages to the big screen.



BRIEFR is simple

BRIEFR is simple

BRIEFR has only a handful of features. The simplicity makes it perfect for 1-6 grades classroom, and enables its use in math, languages, geography etc. BRIEFR works on every common smartphone and  tablet platform, and also on Apple TV and Windows computers. The students can use it even before learning to read.

BRIEFR supports everyday teaching in classroom. When students are working with paper and pen, or with iPad, or doing handcrafting or physical education, they can easily take screenshot or photo and instantly send it to big screen or just to the teacher’s device to share their thoughts and get feedback. They can also copy text from web browser and instantly show it on big screen.

We often use BRIEFR when giving presentations because that enables every participant to send comments to the slides we show. With iPad or iPhone it is always easy to capture a screenshot for example from PowerPoint slide, and send that image to teacher, other student or to classroom big screen.


BRIEFR is easy

BRIEFR is easy

There is only a single app view where all the message sending happens. Our patented design enables you to take photos or screenshots and send them in a few seconds exactly to the devices you want.

The second view shows the messages really large so that it is very easy to show them to others directly from the screen of your iPhone or iPad. If you want to show them on big screen, just use Apple TV version of the app, or connect your iPhone or iPad to a TV or projector using a cable or Apple AirPlay.

If the device does not have BRIEFR app installed, it can receive messages as normal emails. For us, this is often the fastest way to transfer any selected images from iPhone to office computer.

You can choose the quality of sent photos: use the best quality which is slower to transmit, or the compressed quality which is very fast and works great for drawings and handwritten texts done with iPad Pro or on paper.



Lots of unique stickers !

Briefr emojis

For having fun and giving feedback, BRIEFR comes with a free collection of giant, unique stickers. Inside the app you can also purchase the complete package.


Start using BRIEFR today!